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Twenty-Five years ago Dr. Branfman listened to his patients who were not quite ready for surgery. They were seeking affordable solutions to restore, repair, and rejuvenate their complexions. What many patients (and doctors) didn’t seem to realize was that a healthy complexion is not only skin deep.

With these patients and our philosophy in mind, Complexion Plus™ was born. In addition to a Board-certified plastic surgeon, our staff includes specially trained nurses and an esthetician who are members of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists; and a licensed nutritionist.

Our mission to provide clients with a multi-disciplinary approach to design medically-supervised, individualized programs has proven to be unequaled in success.

“After years of sunburn, neglect and acne scars,

I never thought my skin could look this great.”

from an actual 52 year old Complexion Plus Patient

Our goal is to maintain well cared for skin, improve neglected skin, and restore damaged skin. With you in mind, we formulate customized combinations of prescription and non-prescription products including VitaMedica® supplements, Z.O. topical preparations®, Young Pharmaceuticals®, Klean Athlete ®, Lasers, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), chemical peels, dermabrasion, injectables, and clinical facials to treat your specific skin type.

So whether you have great skin and desire to keep it that way, or

  • Acne-Prone skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown spots
  • Aged spots
  • Broken capillaries
  • Aged skin
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Large Pores
  • Dark Circles

We are proud to offer the latest and greatest procedures and products for your new skin!


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Explore the many procedures Dr. Branfman offers at VPSC to help you achieve younger, healthier looking skin without the need for surgery.

Dr. Branfman’s staff and Z.O.  Skin Care are famous for well-designed, effective and easy to understand home care programs that work!

On your initial visit to Complexion Plus, we will focus on your skin type, present regimen, concerns and expectations. It is important that the items you use daily such as cleansers, toners, creams, ointments, vitamins and supplements are appropriate for your specific skin type and skin history. We will design a custom combination of effective cleansers, alpha-hydroxy acids, moisturizers, and retinoic acids for your unique skin.  This is the least aggressive way to provide a healthier, more youthful complexion. https://shop.zoskinhealth.com/zomedical/category

These quick and painless,  ‘lunch-time peels’ were popularized in Beverly Hills where time is of the essence and a “fresh healthy glow” is the norm. They require approximately 30 minutes. They are customized to your needs and feature a combination of mechanical, chemical, enzymatic, and cryogenic treatments to exfoliate and rejuvenate you complexion. Although one will suffice for a ‘quick fix’, we recommend a series of six treatments over a four to six week period for the optimal result.

Performed in the office with no down time, IPL Technology™ uses high-energy intense pulsed light to address age spots, shrink dilated veins, improve redness and reduce broken capillaries.

Dermabrasion is a deep mechanical peel, using a high-speed surgical sanding device to remove scarred skin, or deep wrinkles. It is most commonly employed for the improvement of acne scars. (This is not to be confused with microdermabrasion, which is merely a ineffective superficial cleansing of the skin).

Dermabrasion requires anesthesia, which can be by sedation, local anesthesia, or general anesthesia. After treatment, the patient feels a burning sensation, until a new upper skin layer forms. Redness may be pronounced and can last several weeks or months, but can be covered up with post-operative cosmetics.

Also known as “laser peel,” laser skin resurfacing uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam which vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin which the body then replaces with new healthy skin.

The procedure removes areas of damaged or wrinkled skin often caused by sun exposure and the aging process.  Laser resurfacing can minimize the appearance of lines around the mouth and the eyes, although its results are best if used on the entire face.


After 25 years of experience researching and utilizing a variety of anti-aging techniques to reduce and soften wrinkles, Dr. Branfman is a time-proven expert in the use of non-surgical injectable methods. All injections at Complexion Plus are performed by Dr. Branfman. Who else, other than a board-certified plastic surgeon would you let inject your face?

This revolutionary product can enhance your lips, fill wrinkles, contour cheek size, soften naso-labial folds and treat the fine lines around your mouth.

The patient’s own fatty tissue can be harvested and used as a soft-tissue filler. Applications include smoothening wrinkles, softening creases, sculpting lips and re-shaping facial contours. This procedure, performed in the office setting using sedation and local anesthesia, requires the aspiration of fat from the patient’s body (typically the hips, or medial knees) immediately followed by processing and injecting the purified material into other areas.

Dr. Branfman is able to determine the best way to use this simple and highly effective quick, non-surgical procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face and neck. Botox done well, can erase years off your face and reduce the unflattering appearance of wrinkles in 48 hours.

Botox injections are costly, but highly effective when performed by trained physicians with expertise in, and knowledge of facial neuro-muscular anatomy. Remember, Botox is injected into muscles beneath the skin, not into visible wrinkles in the skin! If you find some non-physician offering Botox injections at “Bargain Basement Discounts”: BEWARE! The bottle may be old, used by many patients, or so diluted that the effectiveness is unpredictable.


As opposed to the typical dermatology office, commercial skin salon, expensive day spa, or commercial “skin care practice” owned by greedy practitioners, we are COMPLEXION PLUSAfter the initial consultation you will receive periodic, complimentary follow-up appointments and examinations. Prescription and non-prescription items can be purchased as needed without physician fees. Renewal items usually require only a telephone call, a walk-in,  or a trip to our website. When you register at Complexion Plus you are helping us continue our quarter-of-a century reputation of dedication to our patients having the best skin of their lives.


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As many of Dr. Branfman’s clients come from out of town, please be aware that we are a two hour drive from major airports in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Additionally, Victoria Regional Airport has shuttle flights to both Houston and Austin. Our office staff will happily assist out of town patients and family members in locating lodging at one of our many hotels or quaint Victoria area Bed and Breakfasts.